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Enjoy our Scandinavian style wet and dry sauna after all your adventures from the day. Incorporate the Nordic tradition with thermotherapy; which is when you start with heat in the sauna, then cold exposure with an expert instructor outside or cold shower (The cold plunge is needed to rinse the toxins from the skin and to close the pores). End the ritual by reacclimating your body to reach an increased state of well-being.

Breathwork & Healing

Guided breathwork classes can be arranged during your stay when making your reservation as well. Breathwork or pranayama improves mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Cleanse and energize - Treat your body and mind and return home from your vacation feeling rejuvenated.

Yoga Studio

Find balance in your busy lifestyle and enjoy our beautiful yoga or meditation studio on the upper level in a true zen atmosphere.

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